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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 30, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> bill: another big victory for the u.s.a. as another al qaeda killer evaporates. geraldo with the inside story. >> and i'm really happy to announce today that we have closed a 535-million-dollar loan guarantee for solyndra. >> bill: will the solyndra scandal break big and influence the 2012 election? karl rove on that. >> what are you trying to accomplish here today? >> i want to replace capitalism with a more just democratic model. shep. >> bill: jesse watters takes to the seats of new york city where anticapitalist protesters are creating trouble. >> what do you want to replace capitalism with? [contradicts -- -- >> bill: caution, the factor begins right now. captions by closed captioning services
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>> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. another big victory for the good guys. us. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. anwar al awlaki has left the building. 40-year-old american born al qaeda propaganda chief killed in yemen by a hell-fire missile. shot from a predator drone. that makes 36 al qaeda leaders killed by drone strikes since 2004. in addition, another 10 taliban leaders have been taken out by drones. al awlaki was born in mexico, returned to the family home in yemen when he was 7 years old. came back to the u.s.a. to study the san colorado state and then disan san diego state. after 9/11 al awlaki showed up on a number of internet sites praising allah for allowing innocent americans to be killed. veries -- very nice. he was a vicious terrorist who got exactly what he deserved. this was a joint military cia operation and current defense a
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second and former cia chief leon panetta is eallergicking as a true american hero in the war on terror. the 73-year-old former clinton chief of staff is president obama's best hire. he has done a tremendous job keeping americans safe by disseminating our enemies. i know mr. panetta a bit having done a few events political institute in monterrey, california. he is a genius guy. one tough guy. president obama deserves a lot of credit appointing him first to the cia and then to the secretary of defense. we also must praise general david petraeus running the cia. we all know he is a tremendous asset to this country. there is no question that barack obama has done the right thing in the war on terror. that is surprising some people who thought he would be soft. under mr. obama there have been more drone missile attacks than under president bush. these strikes have been very effective. i only wish the president had selected his economic advisors as astutely as his terror warriors. but that's another story for another time. today, america rightfully celebrates another victory over
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vile terrorists who kill innocent human beings. and that's the memo. now for the top story. reaction, bring in geraldo rivera who knows a lot about the war on terror. what is the headline of this story that the folks might not know? >> that there have been three times as many bad guys killed by president obama in just the last two years than during the period between 2004 and 2008. we have unleashed the superb technology, the drone. we have now an antidote to terrorism. it's not putting boots on the ground, bill, it's not the army that went into the iraq. it's not army that is currently in afghanistan its secure bases using thee precision weapons that not only take out the bad guys but also reduce collateral damage, civilian casualties to a minimum. we now have the antidote. we don't have it for long. it will be just a few years before other countries have the technology and other nongovernmental operatives have the drone technology but we have it now and we're using it.
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>> bill: i agree that this technology has made it easier for the united states to fight the bad guys but when was it perfected? do you know? was it at the end of the bush administration? did they have it in the middle of the bush administration? >> by 2004 is when we really began using them to great effect we didn't have as many mounted and we didn't buy into it remember the military is very conservative. they wanted their tanks, their special operators and mass formations. they did a magnificent job under tremendous conditions. think of this scenario. what if we had used the drone to kill saddam hussein? wouldn't that have. >> bill: saved blood and treasure and same in afghanistan. >> rather than occupy a preemptive country. >> bill: have you been to iraq and afghanistan more than i have i think ther wrath nation building is over it's impossible. you can't do it in thisz current
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world. there is not enough money or commitment to build nations anymore. we just can't. >> there is not enough money. there is not enough understanding of the intrinsic indigenous population and their culture. >> bill: and the afghan democracy. >> they don't get it. of 0% one time ways there said that christianity should be a capital offense. >> bill: we have a story coming up about that there is a christian preacher about to be executed in iran. that's coming up. colonel peters said something interesting. he said that the aclu and these other far left pinheads actually have contributed to the deaths of all of these al qaeda and taliban because they make it so hard to capture and try them the government says don't bother with that we will just blow them off the face of the earth. so actually you aclu people out there -- >> -- you have blood on your hands. >> bill: isn't that a brilliant point? >> this guy was not in guantanamo. he wasn't in federal court. >> bill: they might have been able to get him. >> he wasn't even a
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propagandaist primarily. he was an operator. an enemy combatant. the fact that he has an american citizenship does not effect the fact that he was the one who helped encourage and steer the underwear bomber. the christmas day bomber in detroit. he was the one who spoke to major hasan who killed 13 soldiers at fort hood. he was an operational enemy. i don't care what country he was from, the fact is he was fair game enemy combatant. this is war not politics. this is war, not criminal justice and we killed the bad guys. >> bill: another front page story about afghanistan actively killing americans and we don't hear much about this story because the economy is overwhelming everything. but, the relationship between the united states and pakistan is the lowest level i think ever right now. >> and the chairman of the joint joint chiefs of staff who has now departed admiral mike mullen as you reported a week or so ago said in his farewell message
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essentially that the raids on the embassy, our embassy in kabul and our headquarters, our military headquarters in the afghan capital were directly the haqqani network who did it was exactly complicit with the isi pakistan intelligence. in other words, pakistan declared war in essence or undeclared war on the united states. they let loose this violence but now the. >> bill: what does obama do though? he has got to do something. >> the president at 3:00 this afternoon, the president said wait a second, admiral mullen maybe -- he didn't use these words, these are my words, exaggerated what the little bit. the president said there isn't the swedges to draw the exact -- backed away a little bit. >> bill: doesn't like that. >> the president and hillary clinton and incoming chairman of the joint chiefs try to seem to be cooling things with pakistan. give them face-saving device where they can -- we ought to tell the folks that this happens
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a lot. maybe they made a secret deal that pakistan will knock it off or cooperate in return for them saying you know -- >> -- my thieves is that an outgoing military officer or lame duck politician or the people who speak the truth admiral mullen knew what he was saying when he said pakistan was directly complicit. he did not retract that statement. >> bill: they made the deal and the deal is good for america, i don't have any problem with it. if it shows weakness. >> we need pakistan. as long as we are going to maintain. >> bill: thousands -- we need americans. >> we have to draw the line there. >> they have to enforce their own laws inside their own territory. >> bill: watch for geraldo over the weekend. karl rove on whether the solyndra scandal will erupt big time and damage the white house even further. lou dobbs on which republican lou dobbs on which republican candidates are best for the [ junior ] i played professional basketball for 12 years.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight, the solyndra scandal has not yet reached critical mass even more than a half billion taxpayer dollars were wasted on a solar panel company that went bankrupt. two years ago vice president biden was all for lending solyndra the money. >> i'm really happy along with the secretary to announce today that we have closed a 535-million-dollar loan guarantee for solyndra. more than half a billion
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dollars. this is the first that the secretary is going to be announcing the department of energy will be making available for more than $30 billion in loan guarantees the recovery act is providing. >> bill: frightening. and now, you may remember the american press going wild over the far left important valerie plame story. remember that? the media tried to use the story to damage the bush administration it worked to some extent. on the solyndra story the media has been strangely subdued with exception of abc news. karl rove. do you think this is going to become a major campaign issue? >> i think it will because of two things. one might be potential criminal aspects of this other one is underlying policy choice of the obama administration. i think it would be useful to stop back and go through the con nothing quickly. january of 2009 the career employees unanimously recommend
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to the bush secretary of energy not to grant the loan. january 20th, president obama is ingnawing gure rated. roughly seven weeks later a traditional loan guarantee given to solyndra. why the change from january to march? august, we had the ceremony that you have the biden tape from. biden and chu make the formal grant of the 435 billion-dollar loan. the following march, march of 2010, obama visits the plan. in october, he has a white house meeting in which larry summers and tom geithner, according to the "l.a. times," argue with chu over saying the standards are too lax on these programs. we are going to be embarrassed. chu says i want the omv and treasury out of my business. stop bothering me. this is argued out in front of the president. despite these warnings, in january of 20011, the loan is restructured to put the taxpayers second and put the investors first. and in august of 2011, the company goes bust. the taxpayers are stuck with the
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tab. since then fbi raid. investigations by treasury doe and house launched. we have the executives of solyndra appearing before congress taking the fifth amendment. this is going to be a problem for the president. we have criminal investigations underway and the american people are saying why did we do this? in its defense the energy department says quote we do not pick winners and losers markets do. in other words, we just throw the money out and we really are not judging whether these companies are can make it or not. it's up to the markets to decide that. >> bill: crazy. >> thanks for being so generous. >> bill: thanks for the 14 trillion-dollar debt. with the president and vice president so deeply connected to solyndra that whoever the republican nominee is can make this a centerpiece if they want to. are you surprised by the media not really grabbing this thing but the valerie plame thing which i thought, you know, outing a cia agent, whatever it was, it's a minor story it should not have happened. but they went wild with this
8:15 pm
story trying to get you and cheney and libby. they did get libby in the end. this story they don't want to seem to talk about too much. >> remember, when it came out that richard armitage, the undersecretary of state. >> bill: they never reported it. >> valerie plame's name. they brush away. in fact, there was expull pa tore editorial in the pages of the "the washington post" saying well, that proves that there is no real political intent to discredit blame because richard armitage gave it there have been a few, you are right. abc. "l.a. times" story. revelation in the past few days in october of 2010, in the oval office, two of the president's top advisors, the head of the economic council and secretary of the treasury alord according to the "l.a. times." tell the president deep trouble. loans like this are dangerous. chu sits there and argues i need less oversight. get the treasury out of might business. go forward. yet, in january they restructured the loan even
8:16 pm
though he they have had internal and external warnings that the program is flawed. >> bill: no doubt that they are culpable. we do want to be fair and give the "l.a. times" credited because they have done good reporting along with abc and along with the factor. real quick. >> one other thing, weaving in and out of all of this george kaiser literally coming in and out of the white house. >> bill: he is a big obama donor. is he a big guy. >> big involve investor in solyndra. jay carney him being in the white house four times about the time that this white house is being restructured that he was there talking about charitable contributions. do you take up white house staff and the president's time by letting the guy in the white house in a few times in a matter of a few weeks to talk about what he is giving to charity. that was just laughable. the administration would be better off getting this all out now so we would have time digest and getting past it. by dribbling out stupid statements it's going to make it
8:17 pm
look stinkier than it already is. >> bill: florida has announced that it is moving up its primary to the end of january. and you say? >> well, not a good thing. we don't know exactly what it is going to be like. we won't know until after midnight tomorrow when all the states have to submit their plans. it looks like on january 9th or 10th. iowa will set its caucuses in order to jump ahead of the florida primary that would mean new hampshire would be likely to have its primary on the 17th. followed by nevada caucuses on saturday the 21st. south carolina primary on the 28th. florida which has set its date and as a result kicking all these people earlier, right now there is a beauty contest in missouri primary that is not binding and may disappear in the next couple of weeks. and then the next primaries are at the end of february. arizona and michigan. look, i think the problem is this. i think we -- we have now lost one quarter. if this happens it has happened and it's going to stick. we will have lost one quarter of the time between now and the
8:18 pm
time that we start voting. i frankly think we are advantaged by having a longer period to vet these candidates and give them a chance to recover from a misstep in a debate or bad comment on the road. >> bill: they are rushing the primaries. >> rushing it. >> bill: late latest poll on the republican candidates, rick perry dropped big time and it likes like herman cain picked up governor perry's support. so you say what about mr. cain? >> well, we will see how long this lasts. he this a good perry had a bad followed by the florida straw poll. i took as it a sign and all the men tear and news reporting on the frorld straw poll people on the record said i came to the straw poll expecting to vote for perry he did so badly in the debate i voted for the next best guy herman cain. slow and steady romney maintains his pace. herman cain is going to build on this with not just better debate performances by going to iowa and south carolina and going to
8:19 pm
new hampshire. his campaign schedule oddly enough does not include a lot of stops in those states. it includes a lot of stops to go out and promote his book, which is not going as good as selling a book as that great book on lincoln by this guy o'reilly. >> bill: that's right. killing lincoln is a -- we will talk about it later. herman cain doesn't have a lot of money to do what he wants to do. it will be interesting if more money flows into his campaign now that people are looking at him again. mr. rove, as always thank you very much. >> we will know soon enough on october 15th. >> bill: okay. we have some bad news to report about bill o' and the poll we are doing on the republican candidates. we asked you which person you prefer right now after listen position a few debates. the problem is the ron paul people and the herman cain people told their supporters to flood the polls so the votes are squad. 100,000 people voted. if you take paul and cain have which we have to do. mitt romney won. newt gingrich came in second. rick perry third, michele bachmann fourth. we apologize. bill o' entertainment
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>> bill: 100 people have been arrested anti-capitalism campaigns. we sent factor producer jesse watters out to greet them. ♪ ♪ chanting] wall street is ours. >> what do you guys want? >> bring attention to the pervasive influence that
8:24 pm
corporations have in the political process. >> we are trying to accomplish the demolition of capitalism. >> what does that mean? >> what do you want to replace capitalism with? you are blocking the shot, bro. >> don't block the shot. >> the government is sue is doing a lot of things that aren't good. >> did you say something? >> i will be bare breasted. my message will be written in sharpy. >> certainly you can't be serious. >> i want to replace capitalism with more. >> i. >> i haven't new yorkers suffered enough for wall street? because that's why new york was targeted on 9/11. >> we deserve 9/11. >> please don't. >> you have a big mouth. you know? >> what do you want to replace capitalism with? >> none of your business. >> president obama just called for massive tax hikes on successful people. do you agree with that? >> people making more than $500,000 a year need to pay a bigger share. >> if the rich were willing to
8:25 pm
share, we could all live in prosperity. >> i think that corporations have to revise the whole system of being so bound to their profits. >> greed is good. >> we can win this thing and take wall street. >> are you serious? >> you are going to storm the banks. >> we will see. >> creating jobs. is that a big concern out here? >> you are right. >> you were talking about like the job-making committee in the government. they all have jobs to do that. >> the human mind is often inflamed with strange. >> how do the rich create jobs? >> it gives us money to spend on products that could be made here. >> i would like to see everybody give two additional people a hug today. >> let's hug it out. ♪ loving you ♪ is easy. >> if a ceo came down here right now and offered you a job, would you take it? >> no way. >> what? >> my mom has been like why don't you get a real job like --
8:26 pm
tried. >> what do we want? [chanting] >> are you upset that immelt, obama's advisor barely pays any taxes? >> business then at the top. >> are you disappointed with his performance so far. >> i'm disappointed with the performance of just about every elected official. >> obama, why don't you be a man and have integrity. >> you can act like a man! what's the matter with you? >> what don't you agree with? wars in iraq? they should have probably legalized marijuana by now, too. >> high. >> president obama came down here, what would you tell him. >> if i were him, i would stand up and say everyone, -- country is screwed up. ha ha ha ha ha. >> chanting] >> the country is screwed up.
8:27 pm
>> bill: at least that portion of it. those people have been around new york now for a couple of weeks. they kind of roam around they obviously don't have jobs. >> i asked one guy who will a job sign. he said i had a job but i quit to come to the protest. >> bill: now i don't have a job because i'm protesting not enough jobs or something. so there really isn't a uniformed theme here. they don't really know what they want. >> i think if you put every single left wing cause into a blender and hit power this is the sludge you would get. basically anti-capitalism. they want to redistribute the wealth. but if you eliminate capitalism, there is no wealth to redistribute. >> bill: is there anybody behind these groups? they have got to eat. it's not easy to not cheap to roam around new york city. anybody behind these groups. >> few groups. ad busters canadian environmental outfit. wants to topple the existing power structure. economists. global hacking and national lawyers guild which is funded
8:28 pm
by. >> bill: national lawyers guild. >> funded by george soros and weather underground. >> bill: some of that money is buying in and buying these people cocktails the native american blonde woman. usually native americans aren't blonde but she was. she didn't want to answer your question. they blocked the shot. >> they didn't think she was representative of the group itself. >> bill: was she. >> she did say she wanted communism. >> bill: oh. >> it didn't go over well. >> bill: do you know what tribe she was from? >> i think apache. >> bill: jesse watters, everybody. we have a sound bite from susan sarandon supporting those protesters upcoming. iran may execute a christian because he will not repudiate jesus. we will have the story. then, lou dobbs on which republican presidential contender he thinks is best for the economy. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. we all have internal plumbing.
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>> bill: personal story segment tent. iran threatening to execute a christian because he will not recant his belief in jesus. al pastor in the church of iran, a christian sect convicted of -- before his last hearing on wednesday, -- chief council for the american center for law and justice. all right. jay, is there a enough worldwide pressure being put on the government of iran not to execute this man? >> not yet. the pressure is mounting, bill, but there was a very tepid statement that came out of the secretary of state today, her office, secretary of state clinton. she said they are concerned about reports coming out of iran about the possible execution of
8:33 pm
pastor yousef. they need to be calling on the iranian government to release him immediately. they are violating international law. the united nations should be saying the same thing. that pressure has not hit yet and we are at the critical hours for this pastor and family frankly. he has a death by hanging. crime he has been charged with appose christian and pastor and baptizing individuals. that's what he is charged with the pressure is growing, bill, it's not there yet. we can use people's help on that. >> bill: executed anybody else in this circumstance? >> they have arrested over the past couple of years they have arrested literally hundreds. the problem is we don't know what happens to them because they often rarely do they report. there have been executions in the past. not athis level where it's been this public. as i said, 250 christians have been arrested just in the last year, some of them leaders and, bill, right now you can't tell what happens to them. that's why. >> bill: 250 christian leaders in iran have been arrested. interesting. now, father, i would like to
8:34 pm
hear from the pope on this because obviously the pope is a powerful guy, world leader. can he make an appeal directly to the iranian mullahs saying you can't be executing christians just because they are christians. >> yeah, i looked in the last month there has been more than a dozen public stamentsz by the pope standing up for people in a similar situation. in other words, human rights abuses on an international level i reached out today to the people in the vatican didn't get a clear response f. is what i am thinking. the vatican has tremendous, very close ties, diplomatic ties on the ground with a lot of the these countries in a way that other countries, including the united states don't have. this is what i'm thinking that they are dealing with people on a very intimate level. avoiding risking a public embarrassment and standing up. >> let's pray i can use that word here that that's what's going on as jay just said we are
8:35 pm
getting a tepid statement against hillary clinton it needs to be much stronger. >> a late statement. >> bill: send a message to iran you can't be killing christians just because they are christians. what are you guys? what is anywhere nirro is that where we are. >> a man with a family standing up and saying i have a chance to go free he has the courage. >> he will be a martyr if they do kill him. >> because of a lack of courage. >> bill, the thing you said absolutely correct under sharia law, three chances to recant. if you don't recan't you suffer death by hanging under sharia mandate. said i'm not going to recant. i'm a christian i believe in jesus christ. what is interesting i hope jonathan is back door channels with iranians. we need dual impact republican
8:36 pm
pleasure from coming from the united states and back channel communications that are possible because a person's life is not just him, bill. what happens oftentimes is they not only kill the pastor, they kill the family. and that's the thing that is multiple effect here. >> bill: this story and we urge the state department to really. they might be doing it behind the scenes, too. all right, father, thank you. jay, as always. when we come right back, lou dobbs on the republican contenders. which one is best for the economy. then the dumbest things of the week. our pal susan sarandon in there along with a teacher who doesn't want his students to say god bless you. motorcycles, boats, even rv's. nobody knows where he got his love for racing. all we know is, it started early. casey mears, driver of the number thirteen geico toyota camry. geico, saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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>> bill: ask thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the lowe's the boss segment tonight. which one, which one of the republican contenders is best for the economy? fairly difficult question to answer at this point. but when i caught up with lou dobbs last night, i put it to
8:40 pm
him. i want to discuss the viability of search republican candidates. we have new polls flying in. a lot of these don't matter, it's emotion flying around. run them down from your perspective. you agree with me that the economy is 75% of me. >> absolutely. >> people are going to vote their wallets. ideology is going to take a little bit of a hit next time on both the left and the right? >> yep. >> bill: mitt romney is currently the frontrunner now. >> 23% in a recent fox poll. >> bill: you assess him how. >> i assess him as doing very well. he is starting to behave like a frontrunner. i'm not suggesting in any way he has it sued sowed up. he is doing well. >> do you have confidence he could run the economy efficiently. >> run the economy efficiently? >> i think he could run it with a set of value to help those who make up the economy. the idea of a president running economy something i react to.
8:41 pm
>> bill: why is money from wall street going to him n? >> >> they think he has an intelligent knowledgeable perspective on the economy and what must be done. >> is he not at the high tax rich guy so they like that, right? corporations don't want to be taxed anymore. >> they don't want to be taxed. i think he might surprise them in that i get the feeling that romney is far more pragmatic. there is a reason there is this billionaire enthusiasm for governor chris christie of new jersey. there is a reason when money flows to someone that's not even in the race, who is not even in the race. and i get very suspicious of that. i think governor christie is outstanding and is he terrific. >> bill: you live in new jersey. you want the guy bailing. >> not after a year and a half i don't. >> bill: you want to see him clean it up. >> absolutely. is he doing a heck of a job. >> bill: rick perry has some problems now. good economic record in texas. you say? >> i say that again, governor romney nailed it. when you get dealt four aces it
8:42 pm
doesn't make you a great poker player. much of what he inherited in texas in the way of the culture, the society, the economy, the energy resources, play to his strength and make him look strong, indeed. i think governor perry is a terrific candidate. i think he is an abysmal debater to this point. his wife says that he can overcome that. we'll see. >> bill: all right. you have confidence in perry if he were the president? >> i don't have confidence in any one of these candidates. >> bill: really? >> let me be clear about that i think we have a lot of testing to do. >> bill: you are skeptical of all of them? >> i think sovment after 2008, i think we have every reason to hold these candidates to the toughest possible standard and scrutiny. >> michele bachmann declining in the polls. >> yes. and doing so because she is frankly disappointing. >> bill: in what way? >> she has been incomplete in her answers. she is, i think, a very smart and very capable congresswoman. she is not ready, in my
8:43 pm
judgment, at this point she may become ready over the course of the next three to six months. she is not there yet. >> bill: running an ideological campaign. more about the economy than ideology. >> absolutely. >> bill: herman cain doesn't have a lot of experience either but he is coming up in the polls. >> god bless him. he is straight talking. is he the only candidate who has said point blank, you know, i don't know much about foreign policy, but i'm going to learn. and he gives direct answers and, for crying out loud, he came up with the best, i think statement of the debates when he said this country, we have got to learn how to recapture our sense of humor. he had me with that line. i will tell you. >> bill: you want a funny president? >> i don't want a funny president. but i don't want a dull hectoring lecturing president either. >> bill: oh. a shot, dobbs take as shot. newt gingrich smart guy. >> smart guy. 11%. back in double digits in the most recent fox poll. running fourth. he was written off and i may
8:44 pm
have been amongst those who underestimated him. >> bill: i don't think he has much of a chance. >> he may not. he is moving in those polls. >> bill: because he comes across as a serious policy guy. >> a smart guy. >> bill: finally ron paul. >> ron paul has marginalized himself i think unfortunately because i have the greatest respect for him. this is the original thinker of the field. unfortunately, when you aalign yourself with barney frank on the issue of legalizing marijuana, making the statements that he has on u.s. foreign policy, i think done himself damaging. >> he wouldn't have any problem with iran getting a nuke. >> thanks for coming in. >> great to be with you. >> bill: footnote new column available this week on the new york about economic insanity. so, i hope you check it out. dumbest things of the week up next. susan sarandon will challenge the prevailing wisdom. dumb in a moment. [ junior ] i played professional basketball for 12 years.
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>> bill: back of the book segment. dumbest things of the week. with us is correspondent arthel neville and five guy greg gutfeld who also does red eye as well and then he backs up the truck in the morning and removes furniture. >> i actually clean the place myself. >> the guy is all over the place. >> i don't know where i am now. >> bill: arthel has selected a teacher in vacville, california, who told a student at the william c. wood high school that he shouldn't say -- the student shouldn't say god bless you. >> it's not got anything to do with religion. it's got to do with an interruption of class time. the blessing doesn't make any sense anymore when you sneeze in
8:49 pm
the old days, they thought you were dispig evil spirits out of your body so they would say god bless you for getting rid of the evil spirits. today i said what you are doing doesn't make any sense anymore. >> bill: talking about dispelling evil spirits. so, how about that? >> look, that's one of the origins of god bless you. so what? let it be. that may not be what it means today. but it's okay to say god bless you. >> bill: no, but it interrupts class time. >> dumb to say god bless you. it appears the teacher has a problem with the religious overtone. >> bill: you wouldn't say that. >> don't you get sarcastic with me tonight. >> bill: you know when sun somebody sneezes. >> his last name is cuckoo vich. >> nobody pronounces it that way. >> you know his family hates him. he is a sad, weird, strange man who has no friends and should not be teaching. >> he is going to come and hunt you. >> he couldn't find me. >> here is the deal. the school district did look
8:50 pm
into it and they are, perhaps, the students are doing a lot of fake sneezing and throwing god bless yous all over the place to try to interrupt the class. but, you know, we will see what happens with this. >> >> bill: here is something even dumber than that. by the way that teacher says is he not going to punish any student who says god bless you. thank goodness. now, gutfeld has -- and this is worse than that. in great britain, all right, there is now a controversy about paper gutfeld. >> telegraph article ran this thing called nursery world. articles written by early year's consultant named an o'connor to prevent people from becoming racist not let them use white paper in class because that instills a sense of white superiority. yep. you are also a racist bill for doing that. >> guess. what all this white paper i'm leaving the set right now. i'm offended. >> the other thing which is interesting. if a teacher is asked what their favorite color is they have to
8:51 pm
say brown or black. >> bill: the teacher has to say. >> suggest that my theory is you should start even younger and go to the infant level and get rid of white diapers. replace them with brown and black. >> they are not really white. >> bill: white paper, the little kids see white paper they will think that white is best and they will denigrate. >> one more thing, this idea came from america. i believe we sent it to them revenge for them sends us pierce morgan. >> something like that? >> yeah. >> bill: i have selected our pal susan sarandon as you saw early in the program jesse watters went out to talk to loons who don't like capitalism. susan sarandon is a big, big supporter of that group. roll the tape. >> i encourage everyone to participate in the political process because that's also part of what america is. this is also what america is what democracy is. and, you know, we can't let our
8:52 pm
arab brothers with and how they are changing things. i don't think -- hopefully the tool kit exists here for nonviolent change. >> bill: i have no idea what that means. does anybody here know. >> you could tell everybody was excited because they thought she was carrot top. >> bill: no, no. that was a rehearsal for the update of the rocky horror picture show. that's what that was. she is updating rocky horror picture show and telling the guy in the castle that something that no one understands except him. >> it's actually pretty insulting though. there are people dying in egypt and syria. it's stupid. >> bill: we had her here once and she stormed out. is that nobody knows what she is saying. >> it was your cologne that night, o'reilly. >> bill: i don't wear cologne. >> that's the problem. >> she dates a teacher. >> bill: wayne newton in the
8:53 pm
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can. >> be forewarned, if you start reading "killing lincoln," you are not going to be able to stop. you get the book free if you
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become a premium member on bill o'reilly dot-com. you should have told jon stuart, you would be willing to return to the clinton tax rates, if the government returned to clinton spending rates. that's easily dismissed with the war on terror and the recession argument. chris greenwood... >> i appreciate that, tom. >> movie discounts.
8:57 pm
i join just about everything because it's my job. i need to know what's going on everywhere. >> well, the mature word disqualifies me. but they sponsor my radio commentary, so we love those guys. and it is an alternative to the aarp. >> give her the book, bill. she'll forget about t. that's the solution.
8:58 pm
>> i'm sending you two tickets to see the bolder, fresher show. i hope you can get a baby-sitter for james. my parents could never get a baby-sitter for me. not easy when you're bold and fresh. >> what is your favorite tv show? >> it's on fox and it's the "the o'reilly factor." >> have you met him? >> no. but i am a big fan of his. i think he's very articulate. >> well, thank you.
8:59 pm
wayne newton's a patriot because he has really helped out our military folks. that's it for us. check out our web site, talking points memo. if you came in late, it's posted there. please spout off about the factor from anywhere in the world. new word alert, name and town, name and town. do not be a... do not be pollrumptious. now i know what it is. thanks for watching us tonight. please always remember that the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. >>


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